Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

Really nice

Couldn't expect anything less from a strategy tower game. I like the way that the levels are only as difficult as you make them by utilizing what you have at your desposal. Thumbs UP!!!!

good ^^

You should make some medals

Great Game

The game is not too difficult just pay attention to the tips prior to a level. Also pay attention to what kind of creeps you will be encountering.

For the most part I found the infector tower to be one of the stronger towers. It has three upgrade slots which allows for combos like: linker / slow / fork

A devastating combo to say the least.

Either way - great game!

Try mixing together

Slow + Linker + Fork | Splash Dmg
Slow + Memory Leak + Fork
Memory Leak + Memory Leak + Slow | Splash Dmg

Splash Dmg + Slow is great for a high attack speed tower as it will slow everything with the splash damage.

all great high damage dealing combos.


Everything I could expect from a tower defense game and more.
It had a plot which was fantastic too!
It was difficult, but after a couple hours I've beaten it, with some help from the walkthrough on some levels.
The upgrades were great, and there were a great deal of combinations with the different "towers" available to the player.

Kudos to you sir! A truely magnificent TD game!
Will be hoping for a sequel for me to sink my teeth into, a very tasty game. :)

Best tower defense ever!!!!

Awesomeee in every way :

-->Challenging but real fun
(also there's a walkthrough if you get stuck!!)
-->Awesome gameplay
-->Excelent plot !
-->Nice upgrades
-->Cool music

I hope to see a sequel with diferent game modes :D
And maybe a difficult selection for sissy gamers ;)