Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

TD ftw

I've always have had a thing for tower defense games, and this one is one of the best ones i have ever played. Gj

Nice game, bro

Very addicting and original.

Nice TD game.

Really addictive.

If I can suggest what to fix:
1. There are some ways to make challenging levels easier and not so interesting to save all data cores, like run couple levels forward with moderate result, get new tech and return back for "excellent result".

2. Sentry cannons are too powerful when splash, fork and linker are applied to them. And even more powerful if there are 3-4 such cannons stay together.
Probably it could be fixed with making programs immune to stun for 1 second or even more, disallow use of fork and linker together with Sentry also could work.
Lvl 25 becomes peace of cake with pack of Sentries. As Axon spawns SU all the time Sentries fire a BUNCH of splashing rounds. Actually my Axon died before he reached cores even without using scripts.

3. Slicer cannons are too powerful when 2xfork, linker and slow applied. Especially when map has long and straight paths.
Also sometimes one Slicer with such set of upgrades at the center of a map is enough to control all activity.

CoreSector responds:

Yeah, the Sentry is definitely too powerful with it's stunlock capability. However, I don't really want to nerf it at this point as it might require some significant rebalancing. People were already complaining about the game difficulty without me nerfing overpowered towers (although there is an easy mode now).

The slicer is actually a really powerful tower that few people realize, but good placement effects this tower more than any other. It might need a little nerfing, but I like having a tower that's really good in certain locations and below average in others.

Assuming I do make a sequel, I'll certainly have to address the balance issues better though.

i know....

i this isnt really interests you but "RedRay discs" as you call them in the game all ready exists, its called DVD -__-


It's totally addictive! I'd love the way you used the timing for building battles. The most impressive is that some strategies get the same result every time while others requires your quick action scrambling and destroying enemies that can run away...
NOTE: I played for 4 hours this game, almost reach the end but I wasn't logged in... PFF, now I'll play it since the beggining again, It was very cool!

CoreSector responds:

Reloading the game after you've logged in should unlock any medals you've earned. No need to start over again.