Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

Fun, but it eventually got to a level where I had to say fuck it, too goddam hard on easy setting out of nowhere

Hell yeah,finally made it through!

I dunno why,but this damn thing is awesome.Totally awesome.OK,I'll start reviewing.
Gameplay-Awesome as ever.Axon was a bit frustrating 'cause it could take all the cores at once...shit.The puzzle of Seekers was also quite annoying,but-hell yeah-I beated it.
Music-Lacks a little 'cause of repetitiveness. But still good.
The special content(spoilers!!):The Monster Mode could be really lacking in some things,but the ability to destroy enemy turrets was really helpful.So-it's awesome too!
Total:Awesome.Just awesome.10\10,6-oh wait,wait,5\5.

Great game, very addictive

I love tower defense games and this is one the best I have played. It has a lot of replay value and the difficulty is just right. Only thing I can say is that it comes a little repetitive. But overall fantastic tower game:)

Good game.

I usually don't get into defense games but this one stuck out. I also like the option of a quick link to a walktrough. I didn't like the ending too much but I'm still giving you 5/5 and 10/10 for making a defense game I actually like.

Great game but...

5/5 as best defence game ever but I must say that medals aren not available (none of them), so take out the medals' hint or reactivate (please let me know when you replace the medals).

CoreSector responds:

Hi Hicaro91,

The medals are available. However, newgrounds doesn't support games written in flex very well. The medals won't show up in game, but you should still receive them. I just tried earning a medal on a different account with this game and it worked so I don't know why you're not receiving them.