Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"


Man, I couldn't stop playing it, when I realised it was 5am....
It rocks.

i would give 10

but level 9 is way too damn hard


I like it.

Fork and Linker upgrades

I've read somewhere below that Fork and Linker "seem to do the same thing." Not so. Adding Fork to a compressor is not the same as adding linker. You know how compressor stores up to 5 attack? When a compressor has a Fork upgrade, it does not double. With a Linker, it does.

As for the people complaining about changing colors, just click it randomly if you don't want to wait. Sheesh. There are many combinations you can make to make it just as effective as the other. It's a chance to test your quick thinking. Besides, the whole thing is designed to prevent getting the same upgrade, so choosing colors is a no-no. Doing it individually just take the same amount of time

So so varied. Possibly the best TD yet.

I'm suprised this wasn't a collab, it's got so much content. Normally games start to grind, but every level had new difficulties and it was all so smooth! Didn't expect those seekers, brilliant stuff :)

Getting the right colour combination was frustrating but added to the difficulty, I not only liked the timing, but found that this game has the best fast forwarding I've seen on a TD and no matter how speeded up with multiple enemies, no lag!

I really hope there's gonna be a follow up to this, PLEASEEEEEE.