Reviews for "Ghost Hacker"

Two words



This game is literally the best game i have played (by my opinion) on newgrounds its very addicting. Hope to see a sequel!

Great game!

I think that with the hours I played the game it would be fair to at least write a review! It's a really good game, the only thing I disliked is the option that you have to wait the proper color in emergency situation.

Keep up the good work!


ONE OF THE BEST TD GAMES EVER! its so addictive make a sequel :D

This is an awesome tower defense game! The graphics are really nice for a flash game, and it seems to be original enough that I didn't get bored.

Also I defeated a reaver level (level 25 to be exact) with only tracers and scanners (with 10 data cores). I think I deserve a cookie.

I also have determined that I am much better at defending against enemy hordes than I am at controlling hordes of monsters.