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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"


10/10. i think there should be a badge for triggering the rainbow puke 50 times called "taste the rainbow, muthafucka!" anyways though, overall great game, though the gameplay is a bit choppy. maybe reassign a function to the spacebar or allow custom controls. but seriously, this is epic. and also, good luck theCriminalDuder, im pullin' for ya, too.

Just awesome

At the beginig i was like WOW i gotta play 100 games to win the jetpack? bah.
but thne i found rainbow puke and i know i could win it.
And i did! And now, i only die if i want to.
Im giving it a ten, but the only problem is that it dosn't save :(


rainbow puke is the party boy song from jackas i love this game


was ok... was cool when i found out about the rainbow puke. just felt like the game was missing something... and just personal prefferance i hated pressing s to jump i kept trying to press the up arrow key

BoMToons responds:

up climbs ladders, so you need a separate jump button to be able to jump off of ladders.

really good game

at first its hard but when you get enough upgrades you could just keep on doing rainbow pukes.