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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"

Nothing New

Just another collect and upgrade game, the only fun part is getting the no-upgrades medal for those die hard medal seekers.
Also, sometimes when I jump down, I can't see the Duder because of the low contrast between him and the background.
Might have been more interesting if it had more levels and more dynamic enemies.

Took some time,

but was totally awesome after you got the first few upgrades, and once you got the jetpack, oh man it was ON!

Keeps freezing

There is no way I am the only person experiencing this. Every time I play this, when I get the rainbow puke, the game freezes once I have gotten some of the gems and the remaining ones start to disappear. Every single time at the same moment it freezes and I get a notification saying the script is screwing up, and then it aborts it. I have tried with three different browsers (firefox, ie, crome) and same thing with all of them.

Okay so game begins AFTER

seriously didnt like the game
and Im sorry I missed the fun ? which begins AFTER starting rainbow pukes ?
in beginning you dont even get a chance to attack the boss because it attacks so rapidly
and control scheme is wrong its always first button jump second is attack
worst part is where you replied someone that you start to get fun later in game.....

BoMToons responds:

Learn to read, the fun can be right away, if you read the instructions :)

If you can't figure out how to attack the boss, it's cuz you suck, sorry to let you in on the news.


RAINBOW PUKE ! this game was awesome i loved it so much i couldn't stop playing it i played it for 1 hour :D i love you for making this game please make another one like a level 2 cos that would fucking awesome :D