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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"


i see the value of your challenges. i also see the DIFFICULTY of completing them.


The boss doesn't gets harder, gets easier.

BoMToons responds:


good concept BUUUT

often durring the impacts my controls lock up and stick causing me to get stuck walking or climbing in that direction until i press the key that locked up. F**king annoying when you see the fireball and walk blindly into it.e

BoMToons responds:

that's an internet explorer bug, there's a real easy fix if you google it, or use a diff browser.


why cant I upgrade everything.. I know I can hit keep playing.. But its boring once I've already won.. Seriously why not make it harder so I can upgrade everything! Too boring once I beat it, I wanted that jetpack.. gave up around 500 gems

BoMToons responds:

the boss gets harder the more you keep going...

i beat the game

it over lol