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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"



It'd be funny if the boss upgraded and got the "Double Rainbow Puke"

awesome game

great game kept me busy for a while

good game

this is a good game and it would be good in one of the updates that you have an option to increase the amount of gems dropped or at-least multiple levels that gradually got harder until you got to the boss. its a good game overall and other than what i said, i see nothing that needs improvement because of how good it is.


omg i exploded off the map and my screen turned black

BoMToons responds:

you found the secret!

Seriously, PM me what you were doing that caused that and I'll look into it :)

Very addictive!

This was great fun to play becuase you really had no idea where you were going with it at first! It would have been nice if there was an easier way to get gems or something, but still great. The graphics are great and look as good as any platformer on an arcade system. It is fun to just throw those giant axes over and over again, especially as they get stronger and you're just pounding away at the giant monster. The sound effects are neat too and fit the gameplay well. I like how this guy sounds like Larry the Cable Guy for some odd reason.