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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"

hit his brain 5 times

he doesnt fucking die!

BoMToons responds:

hitting his brain just makes him puke. Gotta take out his eyeballs to kill him...I know it makes perfect sense.

There is a nice exploit ;)

Go to the third ladder then move right and you will end on the top floor =)
the best way to get rainbow is to be at the the middle in the platform next to the third ladder
The game was simple yet fun!

BoMToons responds:

Thanks for pointing that out, I fixed it in the latest upload!

interesting game

it is a very fun game, for me personally any game with a rpg aspect (a form of leveling up or upgrading things) is something i enjoy, makes me feel like i acomplished something :P

other then that i have run into a bug i believe, im not sure, it may just be a one time thing - after a rainbow puke i jumped into the middle platform where the monster was and then i got hit, died and fell onto the gems gaining them but it also froze the game, sadly i have to restart but this is something i will deffinitly finish


Lol, i had so much fun playing this game with my friend, it was hilarious for some reason, pretty easy to beat once you get into it.

Great game, good learning curve

When I first played the game, I couldn't get more than the first 10 gems before dying. After beating the game once, I went back and was able to get the "Yokel Anesthetic" award (after a quite a few attempts.) I enjoyed the difficulty, enjoyed the learning process, and enjoyed the upgrades. Good work overall.