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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"


again an annoying boss fight where you die you are forced to start everything all over....

cool game, make a sequel!

the upgrades are nice, the game is not so new but still funny and i hope you make a sequel with more enemys, upgrades and bosses!

rainbow puke!




you forgot to make a save button


i don't understand all the low ratings, from what i can see they're all from people who either have slow computers or can't deal with the fact that good games take time and effort to beat. i loved this game a lot, and had a lot of fun playing it. i think it's a fairly original concept, and it was very entertaining. if people can't take the time to play the game, they shouldn't rate it lower because of that, that's their problem, same with freezing issues. it ran just fine for me, and my computer's not exactly top of the line.