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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"


this was a great game. it was actually very easy once i upgraded a couple times. deffinetly worth the time spent killing the boss 6 times

Nice Game

Its a nice game to play, and a nice time spend, but there is one major glitch, when you die, and fall on some gems so you pick them up, the game crashes and you can restart, 5/5 7/10 -3 because of the glitch.

had fun

there were a few glitches that kept makeing me die for some reason my keys kept sticking so i would just start moving into the fire balls or monsters

BoMToons responds:

sticky keys is a known internet explorer bug with flash, you can google the fix or use a diff browser


Simple yet challenging. a Brilliant game my congratulation to both the creator's and anyone capable of getting the "yokel Anesthetic" Medal

Very fun

but its really missing something though maybe more bosses or upgrades lvls?