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Reviews for "The Duder Dilemma"

An honest review

OK guys, sorry, but this game does not deserve the amount of praise it's getting.
First of all, the point of the game: to raise money for the criminal duder. Good cause, I'm a big fan of his work. But when it gets to the actual game, the experience is tedious, annoying, and just plain not fun.

First of all, whose idea was it to make it possible to only earn 10 gems per run? I ended up simply killing myself after collecting all 10 just to get to the upgrade screen faster. This system made me want to go out and punch a small child in the face, I was so frustrated. I only bothered to try this game out because of the valuable medals, but i like having A FIGHTING CHANCE to earn them!
This game's boss was incredibly and ridiculously overpowered, and, although I enjoy a stiff challenge (portal defenders is my second favorite game on newgrouds) i DON'T enjoy the feeling of wanting to tear my laptop in half after being forced to farm gems for 20 minutes straight just to buy one upgrade!

*deep breathing* BoMToons, Luis, I love most, if not all of the work you put on this site, but you have dissapointed me to the EXTREME with this badly-planned, eyeball infested, hillbilly HORSE SHIT!

On a last note, I cannot BELIVE the impudence of the Newgrounds Review Crew for giving this game all these 9s and 10s. Did you even PLAY the game? Jesus H. Christ, did you just give the game a 9 because BoMToons made it?! I was tempted to. Then I played the game. And got angry.

Sorry guys, just saying my honest opinion. Thank you for listening, and i hope you do better next game.


BoMToons responds:

You didn't follow the instructions...

if you uncover the boss brain (and hit it), you get a deluge of gems, that's most of the fun in this game...as you get more powerful, your objective changes from exploiting the boss' tendency to puke gems when his brain is tickled to actually defeating his eyeballs.

I'd suggest you give it another try because you missed the "fun" part of this game. Many people have enjoyed it because they followed that instruction screen and went after the secondary objective :)


It's pretty cool but the medals don't work.

Hick-Tory and Red-Headed Step-Child don't, I got them

Awesome game!

It's pretty repetitive, but still very fun to play!

Yee Haw! Take that critter!

Kinda reminds me of Mario

game is amazing

love it