Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

This game is awesome! The combat system and the main game is awesome, but i didn't like the story. Better than the first game.

the story isn't the strong point, the combat and music are awesome... but sometimes it feels like the beast does all the work

I love this game. Played it when it came out. Very easy to replay and still have fun. Some builds are overpowered while others are impossible to beat the game with...

i love this game so much!! and i kinda played the genesis game too,totally different you should play the other one it might be getting use to it because its not a side-scrolling game so you might kinda have a little of hard time getting use to it anyways i bet i can beat anyone at this game if they put it into a online RPG game just saying is all 'wink''wink'

its a good game but...

i had a relley poweful beast and epic items. Now 9 hoers of game paly lost.

sorrey for spelling.