Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

Addictive and fun

Beelzebub and Pheonix makes nightmare so much easier.
Best time was 20 days on nightmare.

Great Game

Great game.The sisily-behemoth timelock was a blast hehe. max endurance and empathy get gaia vest and dragons heart as equips(dunno if 2 dragon heart works that would be cool) ifdone .behemoth deals 20k+ damge per second for 5ormore seconds which means 100k+ damage per attempt. get timelock so he cannotmove.behemoth will burn that zodiac memory's 1000000hp to 0hp in a minute.just keep timelock so he cant do anything. try this.

epic game

it was so epic even the music is so epic

A very great and addicting game !

Well what can i say this game has some great gameplay , graphics alot of items , stages good story some of the best music i have heard on NewGrounds and of course is addicting as hell

10/10 Hope to see more like this in the future :D

Lives up to its description

I must have a glitch on my computer or something, because on the first level I could not hear any sound. Oh well, what matters is that this is a truly sweet game to play! I loved all the unique designs of all the monsters and the backgrounds and protagonists. I guess this year I am going to be thinking of "Inception" everytime I think about lucid dreams or any work of fiction involving dreams. The best advice is to simply keep on shooting because there are always going to be guys coming up. It seemed like a perfect illustration of how dreams tap into our fantasy.