Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

Sicx as Hell

Your cool for opening the game how you ended the last one like FF tactics (GBA) When they dream the game starts. Thats Fucking badass, I haven't got to play yet because unfortunately im busy but If its a fourth as good as the last one i know its epic. Good Game :D

Another build :O

Great game, but i found a pretty cheater way to beat the final boss: Be the third character, play till you get arcane earrings, then get nidhogg. The trick is to activate solar eclipse while getting hit;
arcane earrings give you mana while you get hit,
solar eclipse boosts your health to full while draining mana!
This way its like a permanant invincibility.

a build o;

somehow i stumbled upon a decent build by messing up geylans (the green one, i forgot how to spell it o.o) gargoyle tank build. Basically get the salamander at the beginning of the game, get your empathy to 18, while raising your endurance a bit. then when its at 18, just pump all of your points to endurance until 25. then put the rest into empathy, or somewhere else you see fit xD your main spirit beast will eventually be zuu, bc it doubles your hp recovery and has a powerful normal attack, but the normal attack is only powerful when you have high hp, which is why endurance is raised. xD your pretty much invicible since your endurance is way overpowered and hp recovery is doubled, plus the fact that the spirit beasts attack is very strong.

its awesome

This is a great game.

Is this what we were w8ing for?

I re-played ge.ne.sis. left with lvl 11 characters, went into the portal,it said:to be continued.Saw this flash,started playing and WTF!I c same chars,same uber lady and it has nothing to do with story. I mean i havent played much,but from the start it's a different story.Like wtf?! Well not this is a bad game but to w8 another year or so for genesis RPG and not shooter is just painfull.Realy disapointed. Anyways mark goes not for disapoiment but thor the game. Well it's fun during 3-4 levels....But then the same music,backgrounds and again all silent =( plot kust starts from WTF. what mission,how they came back to home if last game ended differently.At least good intro would make it more gamish