Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

Why can't I level up past level 20?!

This game is awesome. The gameplay is good. the music is good. I was having fun til I stopped levelling up. After that, it isn't as much fun. I put all my points into some categories thinking I'd put points in the other categories later. Now some are high and others are way too low and I can't do anything more about it. It's not fun after that.

Please change it to allow more than level 20!!


This game was fun but you should tell us more about mutations.Without knowing what each mutation does I'm basically blindly throwing stones at my mount hoping for the best.Also there should be a way to rest your skill points.All in all it was a good game.

the infinity space challenge=:P

i pwned the infinity space easy on nightmare mode and i got the title of eic dreamer but it was so coool great music great store generation even the beast you ride on behemoth and that water type one really kicked ass plus having seen the better versions of the characters made me feel like this is how they would look in either wings of GE NE SIS 2 or genesis 2 where it continues from wings of genesis 1 but it just sorta ends when geylin [my favorite cuz uv his cross bow] turns on the heart of time and they all dissapear in a huge gold light plus i love the genesis series so keep em comin ps male it so you can play geylin in the next one too i love his special ability GELLY SHOUT woot...but im serrious if hes not in the next one blam points for all of the ge ne sis games and vids im that serrious >:{ does that not look serrious? WOOTASPARTAFIRINMALAZORSMODEERRORERRO RDOOOOOOMTOUU:3

Great installment

This installment to the Genesis series was spectacular. I'll make sure to donate to ya on pay day!

Keep em coming!

Fun, but Disappointing;

I'll be honest, at first I thought this was the sequel to the original Genesis, and I was extremely disappointed. However, knowing that its not, and looking at just the game itself, it is a very fun and unique game.
I can honestly say I regret the change of gameplay style here. The original Genesis was one of my all time favorite games because of the need to use strategy, and they unique play style. Here, it's nothing more then doing an endurance build, turning on autoshoot and waving your mouse around.
I love the spirit beasts, but they had room to grow. The evolution could have been tied in more to how you play the game, rather then which stones you feed it.
The equipment needs work, at best. I found it poorly structured and at times a bit difficult to understand. Certain equipment had claims to do certain things, with absolutely no explanation as to what these things were, and how they could be useful.
On a happier note, the music and graphics were astounding, as they were in the last game. I simply love the art in this game, as it far surpasses that of most games seen anywhere.

This game was fun, but it was missing that something special that the original Genesis had. I just found this game far too simple and mindless to be considered anything above average. However, I am curious to see if there will be a continuation to this side plot, and I am still very excited to see how Into The Rabbit Hole will turn out.