Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

Its really good

Its a nice side scrolling shooter.To start off I think the spirit idea was really cool and how you can upgrade him with the stones you get from killing enimies. Good bosses.You could use more music though.Its one track for the world map and profile and the other options but thats expected like in most other games that have a world map.But the music stays the same for every level.(Maybe not the final level I haven't got there yet.Im playing in nightmare mode so...)Maybe switching the music for boss battles.Thats really the only thing that seemed to be a problem to me.Im happy to see nice work like this and I hope for a sequel.


This game is so awesome i'm still playing this in 2011! *^* I suggest it to everybody,Gameplay is easy to understand and awesome,the soundtrack is awesome,don't hesitate,just Play it. *___*

i like this game

however it is not saying my data.


I know this game.It's on kongregate.And this was great,but haven't finished yet,so I'm still finishing it.Hope you finished it,too everyone.And great job,fairypoet!

awesome game

just had to say i really really like this game. i love the rpg element of lvling up and omg the spirits are so cool. i normally get so bored of side scrolling shooters quick but im really enjoying yours hehe big huge thumbs up for this one