Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"


I saw this on the frount page and i thought it was a cheap scrolling game.
I was flipin' wrong. I thought the music was comepletly stuning and the gameplay was superb. I did try the origainal Ge.ne.sis, and it was damn good, but it will not compair to this wonderful game.

that was amazing

this is great that the pleasant dream is easy mode the lucid dream is medium mode and the nightmare is hard mode but also there are alot of evolutions like if u want the salamander to be a pheonix keep on feeding it with crimson stones(orange color) instead of azure stones(blue color) but if u keep feed random stones the evolution will be different i tried and it work but its incredible that strong are these evolutions but i like the pheonix because in case if u have trouble in nightmare mode if u died instead it revived full HP and energy it only works once each level but all im saying is this game very fun to play .


i liked the first one for the turnbased strategy and was at first disappointed to read this is a side scrolling shooter but the rpg elements won out. excellent art and deep combat system, fun choices in terms of beast, stats and items both equippable and consumable.

some tips for any1 trying this the first time: autoattacking is much better than manual. when you collide with enemies or get disabled, it's hard to tell when to click again to start attacking. there is no need to try it on nightmare mode first, you can pass the game on pleasant or lucid and keep your items and stats while resetting to lvl 1 (to add even more to your stats) when you transfer to nightmare mode.

for nera i stop adding points to agil at 26 even though its her primary stat, relying on the beezlebub beast (ladon level 5, all azure/black) mirage boots and zodiac master (found in infinity space) items to max her dodge at 85. use her close range attack to clear weak monsters, sometimes her ranged attack for certain bosses.

as sisily, i think her best beast is the behemoth, salamander lvl 5, all crimson/white. i like dragon heart item and cant go wrong with a zodiac master.

i havent done gelyan as much but i like the hydra beast on him, 3 azure/black 1 crimson/white. salamander counts as 1 crimson/white, ladon counts as 1 azure/black


Very fun. great concept and great music. had a great time going through it. the only thing that bugs me a lot is how a single infection in Nightmare can kill you at full health. that is ridiculous.

Not the 2nd part of orginal Ge.ne.sis Game

publish second part. all or nothing