Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"

Keep up the good work!

Ah Ge.Ne.Sis!What a game that was.And for those of you who don't know the name is Ge.Ne.Sis because it stands for the first letters of the three main characters names.Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up!Awesome game, and never stop making such kick ass games!

Well done!

Seriously, great game! Maybe vary the music a bit more, it gets a bit repetitive after a while...but great job! Love all the colors and sounds :D

Real Pretty

Great looking game

Just a few things.

I have only played a few levels so I can't really write a complex review about this yet, but I wanted to share a couple points that bothered me :

-the backgrounds, while very good and detailed, do not contrast enough with what's happening in the foreground; it's not always easy to spot the enemies or the loot. Consider adding a low-opacity white-ish layer between your background and the rest to simulate air density.
-overall, the gameplay lacks energy; there should be a sound playing everytime I hit or kill an enemy, and the animations could be a little more dynamic.
-the way the rider seeks the mouse (and the loot seeks the rider) seems to be using an algorithm that makes things move only in 0° and 45° lines; it makes movements feel geometric. Here is an algorithm I like to use for that situation -

CurrentPositionX+=(GoalPositionX-Curr entPositionX)*Speed;
CurrentPositionY+=(GoalPositionY-Curr entPositionY)*Speed;

...where Speed is between 0 and 1. I usually use 0.5 for a smooth movement.
This makes the object move straight to the goal position, and slow down gradually just before reaching its target.

Hope I didn't sound arrogant or anything, I just wanted to help.
Also, I'll have to agree with everyone and say the soundtrack and graphics are just plain awesome.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play the rest of this game !

Oh Whoa!

When I went to the front page to see new games were up and to be honest, non really did catch my eye except for this, I wasn't expecting much, just your average side scroller with some sort of music that wouldn't be good.
I was blown away by the music! I really do like it and hope you release the music online! I especially like the music the plays while your in the shop!
I like the art aswell, its just the style I'm attracted too, I don't really like using my mouse for anything and I really hate using it for a game, but for this game, I'll make an exception.
Kudos to you for making daily 3rd place, without a doubt,this game is my favorite game because of the music!
I haven't really found any bugs that need worrying about, I would be nit-picking If I did.
Game runs smoothly, music is phenomenal, the art is excellent, by far, its the best game I've played in a long time. Since Newgrounds mostly contains racing games, zombie games, beat'em'ups, shoot'em'up, you don't really see games like this anymore, sadly.

I'm happy with the game, I hope for a downloadable soundtrack sometime soon.
Keep up the good work!