Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"


Ok, brilliant game.
I could list the ways in which this game was perfect but I think it would be more helpful to list its few flaws:
1) I didnt actually understand the story much, the twist at the end was unexpected but it was still hard to understand past "you were betrayed".
2) The bosses were too easy with nereid or whatever her name was. With that and kraken, high agility and that azure thing that you GET GIVEN!!!!! I just kept the bosses permanantly frozen. Im serious when I ask whether cancer or leo have any attacks because I didnt see any of them.
3) no music download links? :)

I cant remember if I reviewed this already lol XD

His game is absolutely great, fantastic and very fun to play. Worth donating to it :D. Too bad that Infinity Space is so insane hard......but I finish it for sure!!!

Dominate the skies with these Wings.

Summary - Having played Genesis, i expected more of the same but Wings of Genesis has proven to be an altogether different beast. Set against a similar story about dreams and alternate worlds, Wings of Genesis takes the action to the skies and soars.

Story/Script - 7/10
The over arching storyline revolves around alternate worlds and travelers who have the ability to access these places. While this is wonderfully intriguing, the characters themselves tend to pale in comparison.
Neraine is your typical "cooler than thou" female protagnist who suitably wields dual gunblades to really up the ante on the cool factor. But i can't help but feel this role has been worn one too many times.
Sisily is the cutesy minority race kid who squeaks and glomps, while packing a huge gun. While funny at times, her ignorance and naivete quickly turn from charming to pesky.
Gelyan is possibly a saving grace. He still has the stereotypical playboy thing going, but fairypoet has successfully woven a veil of mystery to the character. In Genesis his reasons for his actions were rather flimsy and marginally acceptable, but he did prove to have more than one facade.
Esis is a character plucked straight out from any other rpg that has an incredibly strong mentor/guide and Reciful is just plain annoying. The Creator had potential but upon meeting him, my hopes were quickly dashed.
Oddly enough, the storyline of the game does not suffer from a bad cast. Everything fascinates and the world is immensely captivating.

Gameplay: 10/10
Here is where Wings of Genesis truly soars. Character customisation is deep and very rewarding. At the start, you're given the choice of 3 characters and 2 spirit beasts. The choice of character determines your play style while the spirit beast is just the tip of the iceberg. All 3 characters are powerhouses in their own right and your choice of spirit beast evolution will serve to further augment (or hamper if you make the wrong choice) your growth.
The game is incredibly balanced. Stats and skills are easy to understand and improvements are immediately obvious. This makes character building a very satisfying experience with room for replayability as spirit beasts cannot be reset once evolved, leaving other possibilities for subsequent play throughs.
The action is fast and can get rather furious. Enemies are what you can expect from a shoot-em up. You've got your basic kamikaze grunts to bigger badder foes that launch homing attacks and large area spam. The addition of status effects adds strategy to the grind and is a welcome challenge.
Wings of Genesis is a glorious example of a great action/rpg, with easy to manage controls and brilliant/addictive gameplay mechanics.

Graphics/Design: 10/10
Simply gorgeous. The backgrounds are breathtaking with a hand painted look to it that just works so well here. While the attack animations could use some work, the rest are incredible. Just watch the clouds rush past as you fire/slash your way through hordes of enemies while dodging countless projectiles. If that isn't a fantasy dogfight come to life, then i'm not sure what is.
The interface is beautifully intricate and very user friendly; data you need to know is always readily on display or easy to find.
Enemy designs can get a little odd at times, but the characters are well drawn and pleasing to look at. fairypoet may not be the best artist around, but he's got an unique style that reeks of charm.

Audio/Music: 10/10
The sound is this game is crisp and just right. Some shoot-em ups are noisy and overbearing but Wings of Genesis gets it just right which allows you to actually listen to the background music while playing.
And the music is amazing! A veritable match made in heaven, the music gives the game a dream like atmosphere that further enhances the experience by leaps and bounds.

Love the game, but theres a glitch

After defeating the listed characters, Infinity space didn't unlock, no achievement.

Tried to defeat the bosses in said order, nothing.
Tried in reverse order, nothing.

Will be trying to post in support threads.

fairypoet responds:

Infinity space only unlock in Lucid or Nightmare mode =). Thank you for playing!

Great game

I just have one problem with this.
Is lv 20 the highest level you can get up to?