Reviews for "Wings of Genesis"


one great game, best shooter ever, 10/10 5/5

This one's a hell-of-a-masterpiece

great graphics
great gameplay
great ambiance
great game design

oh and great author too ^^

A gem among flash games.

Definitely the best game I've played this week by far.
From the design of the game, to the music that fits the background and environment perfectly, and is rather catchy too, you can tell the author put a bit of effort into this as compared to some other games that are just a game that's already been done with different graphics/characters or games that look like they we're thrown together at the last minute. Over all, I give a well deserved 10.

if you whant to beat tedious tip for terroist

there's weak spot the flower that he wear in his head that is the weak spot

Great but getting tedious at the end of the game

I like it a lot,it's not like most of the newgrounds cheap stuff.A lot of stages, variety of pets, but boss fight is a bit long and tedious.Overall u deserve a score of 9