Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Hmm, too bad..

I wanted to like it... but I can't. The nice graphics don't make up for the bad gameplay. You shouldn't need to check the gamer guide the second you start playing a game to see how your supposed to beat it.

Oh okay, he throws knives, then grenades, and then shoots at you. I get that, get the gun that doesn't shoot while moving (not sure how that happened, maybe the character's object is clipping the bullet object causing it to not move on its path) to fight afro ball guy. Can't time the jump over him properly and end up losing a few. Tried jumping in a corner and waiting for him to bounce off the wall. dead. Restarted but now off center and I immediately catch the first knife in the face. Great.

Potential: Programming redo. Graphics B+ Sound A

Notes: Maybe a quicker fall rate when jumping or a double jump. That sticks reach sucks, so you have to get right on top of him before you swing.

in fact not bad

too difficult