Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Too buggy for me to complete

I usually would never write a review for a game I can't complete, but I've tried to beat the game 4 times with 3 different bugs making the game impossible to finish.

Beta testing is actually useful.

First bug would be the Bomb, which had a Pipe Dream-like level, but the problem is that I got a pipe that was actually totally impossible to finish. I screen cap'd and looked for ways, and there were absolutely none. I wish I was mistaken.

Second would be that after you Retry the game, the second boss doesn't shoot his missiles when he jumps, and after his health = 0, he just keeps jumping and nothing happens.

And lastly the game eventually stopped showing the bullet sprites from the first boss.

I give up, please fix your bugs so I may reconsider.

Graphically however, fine, the controls aren't sloppy, but aren't exciting, the gameplay is very very limited and if this game had any worse graphics, the gameplay would be barely passable and too short.
Also the No-SFX part is a big deal for many people, but the general/Ambient sound is a decent track.

the grafices laggs and


It's not that bad.

Okay, the controls are a little sloppy but this deserves a higher rating. It's a relatively fun boss rush.

A decent one shot.

Short, simple, and fun. Though I didn't have any glitches or issues with the game, it was very basic. It had a sort of Megaman 1 feel with the boss' pattern attacks and weapon upgrades gained from bosses.

My only real request for an improvement would have been instead of every boss having multiple stages that were just a new pattern to memorize, it would have been more enjoyable with enemies that actually got harder as you beat previous stages. The hardest guy was probably bucket head in Level 1, while the last boss was just time consuming more than hard.

good art but

this was to long and crappy