Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Nice Art and Concept, But...

Buggy, notably an error with the second boss after a continue. Controls are sluggish and limited. You've got left, right, jump, and attack. Beyond that, there's "jump attack." Notably, you cannot fire while moving, so don't plan on chasing after bosses while firing from the hip. Although you have 10 lives to work with, the controls are so slow that it's easy to make mistakes and get killed. The casual gamer will be frustrated, the more hardcore will likely be bored. Boss battles are inflexible, revolving around waiting for the right moment to hit "s" or move, making one or two attacks, and then waiting again to hit the same key. This could be exciting if the game were faster paced, but it's not. I got sick and tired of being just a moment too slow and getting killed when the outline of the projectile ever so slightly skimmed my feet.

Art and music are very fitting for Newgrounds and are slightly redeeming features.

Great art and design, annoying bugs.

Despite the technical drawbacks, I really enjoyed learning the proper methods and reactions to beat the bosses and then trying the battles over again. It's rare that I find a flash game satisfying to beat, since most are designed to pander to the twelve second attention span crowd that dominates the portals. This was an exception.

That said, I don't think this honestly deserves more than a seven. If not for the lack of sound effects and the bugs, I would have given this a nine. Maybe even a ten if it were longer and had a stronger story.

Its ok

It is an ok game, but not much fun... and guys it's most certainly not the worst game there are far worse

this is pretty awful...

after you pick up the first guy's gun, you cannot shoot it while walking, making it impossible to chase him down and shoot him. also, it is so horribly impossible to try to jump over his "afroball" form that i was actually cursing out loud every time he mowed me down. I got to the puzzle and couldnt finish it, so i continued. Just like everyone else, i couldnt kill the second boss after continue bc of a bug. he simply wont die...and also he doesnt shoot missles any longer. anyway, at that point i gave up bc this was NOT worth refreshing the page and trying again.

Worst FEATURED game ever

Worst FEATURED game ever

Great graphic and idea, but oh my..