Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


crappy movement.
Stupid collision.
can*t dodge 3 form of 1 boss.
In my opinion it SUCKS

Couldn't even beat the 3rd boss.

Glitches if you move away from him, the missiles no longer fire and even when he's at zero health, he just keeps jumping. Good concept, horrible execution.

Cool scenes and art, but...

Too glitchy, no health bar, no status build up. Makes the game suck, but if worked on it would be way better.

Certainly Replayable

Well I loved the concept, the ideas were definetly there and the boss characters were great - however the hero was slightly uninspired. Yes there were glitches, it wasn't perfect, but it is definetly replayable. I imagine many will go crazy with the puzzel, I actually loved this! It puts you on the spot, a small adreneline rush as the clock-ticks away....


I Couldn't even solve the puzzle
good concept, bad presentation and execution