Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


About halfway through the alien bosses first stage, the boss still moves and attacks, there is an explosion on him, and you can't move. Its like the code just decided to disapear on me.

its glitch-a-tastic

it has to much bugs and glitches needs work and the jumping is stupid becuse he dosent jump in time and always gets hit the bomb is inpossible and the 2nd boss glitched if you fail once the 2nd boss glitches

final verdict : 4/10 2/5 its below avarage

Found a glitch.

While the game seemed fun at first I died once while trying to defuse the bomb. Now when I get to the guy with the bucket on his head i cant seem to kill him. his health is gone and rockets don't come out of him anymore... :/


Did I say lol?
I mean this game sucks because it has too many bugs


Everday I got a kitty krew to blam,but today I got this to give all five to.
Great game. Needs a lil improvement but nothing to really cry about.