Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


Very difficult, but all right, I didn't find any glitches except one. When you fire a shot and the boss is offscreen it doesn't hit the boss. So when the hair dude was rolling at me even though he was right in front of me I couldn't hit him because he wasn't onscreen. Also the train should have more room to move around because it was very difficult to dodge attacks in such a small space.


gay just glitchy and gay also wats with tha one hit one kill

Even without glitches

The game just wasn't fun. The music and animation was pretty annoying and mundane. The gameplay just didn't cut it and I was extremely board before I even got into the train car at the very beginning. It was a miss for me.

how the hell did this make first page?



Needs more attacks better jumps. And maybe less BUGS and GLITCHES!!!!