Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


I finished it and it was awesome!!!
The gameplay was very good, but the controls could be much better. The graphics and the animations were very good too (except for the jumping animation, it was "ok", not "very good").

The bosses were very creative and the afro ball boss made me smile :) and I enjoyed beating the crap out of them. But the second boss had some glitches. After the first or second time he killed me, he just freezed, and it was damn easy to beat him. It happened in his first and second form, it didn't happened in his bat form. Also, at the final boss, when he is a floating thing, maybe was just me, but I think some of the purple balls that he throws at you were impossible to avoid.

It would be nice to have an actual ending scene, because I DIED SEVERAL TIMES AND I JUST WANTED A NICE ENDING SCENE!!!!!

But the game was really good, and, for me, you deserve a 10. But I just have to say that it would be good if you get an awesome medal when you finish it.

Needs work

It's a good game, and I see you put a lot of effort into this, however the game engine could really be fleshed out.

Why can I only attack when I'm standing? Why can't I attack while running or jumping? Also, the running and jumping themselves could be smoothened. And why is it that the first thing you see in the the game is the boss? It would be way better if there were actual enemies you fight, and then you get to the boss, and same for the other 3.

There were a lot of things you could've done to make the experience more fun, mostly with the engine.


man i cant help by giving you 10 and 5 for all your hard work btw its v hard

nice graphics...

the rest not so much...there are way too many bugs in this. did you beta it before release at all? as previously mentioned...cannot shoot and run... the first "bullet" he shoots give you about a fraction of a second to jump or you lose a life. the afro ball guy can be jumped over but only if you run towards him b4 hand. the rocket guy bugged so i killed him, but the game didnt proceed...he just kept jumping. so i restarted and the second time round his rockets just exploded instantly so i didnt have to move...just shoot him....and lastly, when i finished the puzzle...nothing happened again.... so iron these out please.

hey.. its pretty good!

wasnt expectnig much at first but it was actually pretty good! the afro ball boss made me LOL and even tho it was a bit difficult to time the jumps at first, sooner or later it was easy to adapt. dont know whut everyone else is complaining about, might just be their lack of skill :L very nice.