Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"


amazing game. there is a simple solution to the glitch where the does not shoot any missiles, simply fall down the hole before he pops out. i thought this game was awesome, i loved the graphics and the controls are fine on my computer.

Simple But Ace

In Contrary to what all these people have been saying, i really liked it. And to everyone who reads this, its hard to do; but it IS possible. Everyone's just lying 'cuz they aint good at it ;)

I liked how there were bomb challenges on each level and i liked the last boss; it was really challenging and reminded me of the good old Gameboy days XD hahaha thats what it reminded me of.

i enjoyed it.

Review and help on pipes

I like this game. I haven't beaten it yet, but it's a nice challenge, and once you learn the patterns for the bosses, they're quite workable (though still challenging).
On the "pipe dream" game, it is actually possible to beat it, but you have to realize an important point (and this is a bit of a spoiler): You can rotate the origin square. If you don't rotate the origin square, the puzzle is impossible, and _usually_ in this kind of game, the origin and destination squares are fixed, but in this game you can rotate the origin square, and that's the only way to make the puzzle solvable (of course, you wouldn't see that in a screen print, you just have to press 'a' on it and see it move to discover it).
Anyway, it's a fun game, not an easy one, but so far it's proven solvable with a little patience and creative thinking. Great job!


i couldn't beat the 2 boss because he wouldnt take any damage other tan that it was a bit laggy


its pretty creative
art is good
needs healthbar
its hard to determine when you can touch the enemy