Reviews for "Tick Tock Train"

Id barely got to the second level

And an npc with a bucket over his head just jumped out of the floor over and over again exploding into flames at the peak of his jump even though nothing was happening and Id removed all his health

this was actually

This was actually pretty bad. Your movement is too slow especially against the second form of the second boss where he walks your speed and teleport when you turn which in turn.....makes him punch you. The final boss form was also an annoyance since half the time i jumped to avoid the purple ball it hit me no matter what due to its height and speed. With no duck i couldn't get under it and since it was mid screen i couldn't jump it. There was ALOT of problems with this game though it was clever but i needs to be overhauled and fixed. Cause right now its playable but I dont....really want to play it the way it is.

2nd boss bug

The one who jumps up.
He dsnt shoot rockets and cant be killed, so i cant get anywhere.
This happend after a continue.

WOW people

you guys all gotta chill out. i beat it first try idk what is so hard...everyone complainin about story, this isnt a game you play for story. if you care about story so much go read a book. im giving you 10 just to even out your score. truth be told i probally would have given it a 5 or 6 but these 0's and 1's are just rediculous

Fun game

Cool game. Good animation & good sense of humour