Reviews for "Robo Run!"


Good idea *cough*canabalt*cough*, but it needs some more features to get it to work fully.

Still, it's better than anything I've got around to making, and I understand you were on a deadline.

Nice try and happy birthday.


The dame was quite bad it only has one button and some gaps are impossible whis might be fun if you could adjust your running speed and had more obstacles, maybe even an upgrade system to get things like dubble jump.

Anyway congratulations with your birthday and many years to come!

the turnip one is better

there are a lot of games with the same premise that are better than this one

Even at its best, it's still... robotic

The excitement quickly disappeared when the game started. While the art is nice and perfect for Robot Day, the gameplay is like a watered-down "Ninja Run" (or any other game that's similar to that exceptionally good game). Even when mastered, one still feels the frustration of failure.

The retro -- vaudeville? -- music may be the single, inspiring highlight. I say this because it kept bringing me back. It made the frustration of failure all the more bearable, and the idea of this robot running all the less pointless.

Surely it's not the worst game on here. Sadly, it's not that great of a game either. It's literally a robot game -- a game so dull that it's redundant.


this is only a good game because it's part of robot day but a little work and i'll come back and give it a 5 not a 3