Reviews for "Robo Run!"

no ti´s not...

it aint even near canabalt because you can´t adjust how long your jumps are... for heavens sake you making a game which´s only player interaction is jumping so it would be quite advisable to even be able to adjust HOW you jump. Oh and in the real canabalt there aren´t "Impossible jumps" there is only a danger of not being able to reach the next house if you bump into a box or something but if you are unbelievable skilled and dont use them at all you always have a fair chance. In this game all you do is jumping as soon as you reached the end of a plattform or time your jumps if neccecary


you can't get past some of the platforms because the gap is to big or the platform is to small other than that good game.


Decent Canabalt copy but it's a bit too buggy. I had two platforms spawn on top of each other and this stopped the guy from moving. I also had 3 games in a row where there was an impossible jump. And I don't mean that I just barely missed it and hit the wall, but like the next platform was half a screen away when I dropped to death.


i feel like canabalt got high and was hit by a truck and became brain dead. A.K.A it sucks... alot

mehh, robo review

I was suprised at some of the viewers comments about how the art/gameplay wasn't up to standards, and instead I thought this looked like a great game... until I actually started playing it. I felt as if I were playing a run-down version of canabalt, and not a futuristic copy of the original itself. Controls were pretty self explained,and all that really needed to be done was perfect timing, but after a while I actually felt a little bored. The good ol' ragtime music didn't quite fit in with the game, but it kept me at a positive upbeat as the robot jumped from building to building, at timesthough, the tune felt too repetititive. Overall, an average game with a quite a few things that need to be ironed out before it can come close to reaching perfection, but at least it's got a cute character. goodish work.

P.S Happy late Birthday