Reviews for "Robo Run!"


4th place overall...can find out how they got higher scores though...tried 5 times and kept only getting 12,450. Anyways, the impossible jumps only happens 25% of the time so STFU you noob trolls. Anyways GG overall.




Awesome, nice and cheery i also like the steady increase of pace

I don't like...

...how everyone is hating on this game. It's playable. It's responsive. It's worth ten or fifteen minutes of my time. The only thing I recommend is that you try to make the pace increase over time. Also, I did encounter bugs that others have mentioned, but not constantly. I think the other reviews were being a tad harsh. These suggestions, of course, are only if you plan on returning to edit this game. I can live with how it is. Not bad. 8/10. Happy Robot/ Birthday.


The music was really kick ass, and the game was pretty fun.