Reviews for "Robo Run!"


Decent Canabalt copy but it's a bit too buggy. I had two platforms spawn on top of each other and this stopped the guy from moving. I also had 3 games in a row where there was an impossible jump. And I don't mean that I just barely missed it and hit the wall, but like the next platform was half a screen away when I dropped to death.

People are being unfair

I don't see why people are hating on this game. It's by no means the next Canabalt or anything, but except it for what it is. A simple little game too play for ten minutes on a rainy day. The style and music used are cute, and the jumping mechanics seem to work just fine. Have a good day <3


sorry bro, stuipit.
nothin says i need to press space to jump.
i died only because the jump was too long or the landing platform was too small

still, happy 16th birthday

unresponsive piece of crap

The NUMBER ONE rule of making a game is to make it playable... this is not playable.

Plan these things out

It's obvious you rushed this and tried to put a Robot Day sheen on it. Next time, plan ahead and give yourself time to put out a great game.