Reviews for "Robo Run!"


some jumps are too big for him to jump over.. surely you should have seen that flaw and corrected it?

Good effort?

I understand that this is likely a rushed project, and good effort on your behalf trying to crank a game out so quickly. But this game has very little redeeming features =/ It's a overdone concept thats been beaten to death over the last few years, it has numerous glitches which render the game virtually unplayable (IE, platforms that are unreachable)

There's a non-existent story, albeit it would be hard to conjure one up for a basic platforming game like this. If I had a suggestion to make to better improve this game, perhaps adding more control over the stick dude and giving him some sort of rope to swing across gaps would be beneficial.

Please don't take this review as solely a "This game sucks and would rather shove a fork into my eye socket than play another 10 minutes of this game" Continue working at your craft (perhaps come up with a different game concept all together?) and you'll do well.


Plan these things out

It's obvious you rushed this and tried to put a Robot Day sheen on it. Next time, plan ahead and give yourself time to put out a great game.

its.... not quite there

ummm shotty controls and not really original in any way


wow where do i start?
1. as said background pisses me off
2. there is one control, and nothing to do but jump
3. it lagged....ALOT! more than it should have for a game like this
it was just not fun, i will give you 2 points for concept and 1 for graphics, it would have been more if i didnt feel like i was going blind every time i looked at the damn thing!