Reviews for "Robo Run!"

the turnip one is better

there are a lot of games with the same premise that are better than this one

Just another jumping game

It´s full of bugs like huge gaps and you cant move, not a bad game but there are other, better games like this

Alright.....I suppose

Nice animation, but the game is amazingly simple. I also found that at certain points it would generate a jump that is impossible to make...

Needs More Work

I think the only thing going for this, for me, is the music. Unfortunately its not your creation/the person that did create it isn't recognized. I still believe its a nice catchy tune and fits in well with the game. I also noticed in the author comments that you are only 16 and highly commend you for even creating this game. As with everyone's reviews that i read its easy to see they all have the same feel, it gets boring. Try to adapt something else, i'm sure you can think of something.


sorry bro, stuipit.
nothin says i need to press space to jump.
i died only because the jump was too long or the landing platform was too small

still, happy 16th birthday