Reviews for "Robo Run!"

Well its erm canabalt

For the most part. I understand that you had to make it on a dealine and the difficulty ramp up feels a lot friendlier than canabalts. Butt it does share canabalts propensity for making impossible leaps appear as well.

Not a bad game though just nothing new really

People are being unfair

I don't see why people are hating on this game. It's by no means the next Canabalt or anything, but except it for what it is. A simple little game too play for ten minutes on a rainy day. The style and music used are cute, and the jumping mechanics seem to work just fine. Have a good day <3

Good but bad

This is a reasonably good game but it looks like you rushed to get it done in time for today. It gets boring after a while but it also gets addictive. My high scores 12340

Too repetitive

The robot is cute and I like the bg music which really propels to his frantic run. However, I'd have to agree the concept isn't very original. The platforms are randomly designed with no connection to the robot. You should try to implement some sort of story line with little items scattered throughout to collect other than just jumping repeatedly from platform to platform.

Not a bad game

Not too shabby of a game here but it was pretty basic and got boring after a little while except for the fact it had an online scoreboard,i liked the animation of the layout and the control (one button lol) was responsive and didn't lag bad,overall this was a solid game you made for Robot Day 2010. =)