Reviews for "Robo Run!"

it's impossible!

try again


This game was pretty terrible. The artwork wasn't particularly original or interesting, When I died, I had to press space several times to restart. It's boring, too. Really repetitive. To make it better, you either need to generally make it better, or, failing that, give it an escape feel.

Try harder if you want to release a game.

Okay, i understand that you did this quickly... but if you know you're making a substandard game... why release it? One button control; super weak clone of a decent runner-type game. This game is just depressing... please try harder next time. Remember, everyone loves power ups, you could add more to the Y axis. Jump off a building to land on a much lower building to break the tedium of running from left to right. I am disappointed.


i always get to a part where the pink theing is 3/4 of the way inside the earth one and then an unjumpable gap.


a bit of a pointless game where all you have to do is a time a jump.
and how we going to do the big leeps?