Reviews for "Robo Run!"


It was a really cool game and congrats for being the first robot day game! Only once in a while did it give me an impossible jump, but other than that, it was fun.

Perfect but for one thing.

I had a score of 10,480 but because i still hit space (by reflex) i went back to running without submitting my score. If thhere were some way you could fix or change that it would help.

placed 9th!

ok totally annoying when you hit 12k and you have a jump that 3 times longer then your range of jump but fun and i liked it so i give you an 8

Lots of bugs

Very fun game entertaining and such, addicting as well

but i did experience a good bit of bugs, there was a HUGE gap, fell through the stage, the platforms are...combined, might wanna fix those :P

got 19th place though good game overall

People are being unfair

I don't see why people are hating on this game. It's by no means the next Canabalt or anything, but except it for what it is. A simple little game too play for ten minutes on a rainy day. The style and music used are cute, and the jumping mechanics seem to work just fine. Have a good day <3