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Reviews for "Looming"

Great Game, but needs some sort of a map or sprint button.

Walked around aimlessly didn't have any idea what the artifacts meant ... When I had the option of pressing [x] I did... & the game ended. What?

I however did like the black & white pixel style.. other than that had no idea what was going on.

An awesome game, soo interesting and engaging. 5 stars :)
but... "East of the second hidden signpost is another, at the base of a spire", I went to there and there is nothing :/





This is one of those rare games that I keep coming back to play over and over.

I have to say that this is far more engaging and enchanting than most Triple-A games out there. Having grown up with some rare 8 bit gems, this is certainly a great way to get all nostalgic.

Looming 2! PLEASE!