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Reviews for "Looming"

I accidentally entered the portal immediately on the first day, and now I can't delete my data. Really? you couldn't put in a "clear data" button?


When i was younger i found this stupid and pointless, just an boring find-the-item game, but after a few years i remembered i played this, and came back to remember how it was, and when colecting the artifacts, i started to pay a lot of atention to the story, wanting to colect more, to put al pieces togheter, and the backstory made me fall in love for it, i even printed the writings on the rods and tablets nd put them all togheter on a file to read them when i wanted, it was so confusing and yet so wonderful, it was hard to figure out what was going on and the meaning of this all, a beautiful conterpart of science (the Lorem), religion (the Seecha) , and living experience (the Oarbor)
Even if there is been some years since the game was released, i think it shoud have Looming 2, but it shoud be a game were you actually play the story of the Lorem, the Seechas and the Oarbor
Loved it!

Very good game who combine treasure-hunter with a narrative,in this game we have to discover every thing who had did in Looming,and we don´t stop only for discover the final,discover every mistery of Looming,this is a game where we have to discover the history of a mysterious place,awesome.

It was fun-ish. I'll give it that, but I didn't enjoy it very much; too much backtracking, and the artstyle made my head hurt. :l