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Reviews for "Looming"

This is an extremely original game. The writing and plot are both very unique, and I loved exploring this mysterious world. Definitely one of my favorite games. The letter writing was superb--it actually freaked me out to see such good writing in a video game and it added to the whole appeal. Also the format was brilliant--making you go back to the menu screen each time you go through a portal but keeping it saved. It ties into the plot about exploring Looming between visiting the lover and also makes it easier to explore due to giving you a home or starting point. I'd go on, but most of the other reviewers have already pointed out its other great aspects, such as how the simple game design actually contributes to the feel of the game. I hope you make more mysterious worlds like this one.

Nice little game. I found myself trapped in the story from start to end. Finding the artifacts was mostly pure luck. If you roam enough, you'll find everything.

Very good game!
Is there any chance you took the word "Looming" from Estonian, where it means "creation"?

A well made and very challenging game, getting the last ending took me about an hour to figure out! The notes at the end were great fun to read, and also felt like a great reward for completing the game. However, some of the sounds were pretty annoying to listen to, especially for extended periods of time.

Amazing game, really gets you thinking. I loved the simple graphics and eerie wind in the background... You should make another, of the world outside.