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Reviews for "Looming"

I'm a student from fullsail university, your game is featured in my class.

I'm stuck with one more of the rods and 2 more portals to go through. Cool, but I'd rather that it was a little easier.

Wow! Bravo sir!!! This was one excellent game for me to play, I really loved the concept and the puzzles. In total it took me just above 3 hours to collect every artifact in the game, solve all puzzles, go through all portals, uncover all signposts including the ones for the star puzzle and of course getting all medals which I obviously got for doing all the things that I just listed.

I think If you at least said where the first (not hidden) signpost with the first clue is but, after all this is an exploration game! :)

I really enjoyed reading everything and figuring all the stuff out. I really look forward to seeing what you make next.

People say that no one is perfect however, they never said that "nothing is perfect". In my opinion Battlefield 4 can lick your boots.

Well done! :)

The gameplay is simple, but that focuses all of the attention on uncovering the story and the many endings. To some folks, this game might be too poetic or flowery. I think the designer struck the perfect balance between vivid, very imaginative language without becoming pedantic or like a reverse tampon soap opera.

I even love the art. Granted, I remember CGA and monochrome, but still--awesome style.

looming - means in Estonian - creation.
this is very creative game, and cool style.