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Reviews for "Looming"

Damn, I hate Stars

I hate ratings. I hate having to give you a 1 to 10 rating. There should be an option not to rate but only to comment-review. But since I have to, I'll give you a 10. And since I found no annoying glitches (it's frustrating, but that's by desing I guess) the game is a 10 just for being itself, even if it's not groundbreaking (what does that even mean?).

It is NOT the best game I ever played, but it's inside the circle. It's also pretty weird and vague. And frustrating. But I guess that's part of the charm of the game.

Even in the end, when all is explained and everything, there's a bunch of stuff left to personal interpretation. And I like that.

What I say from here is entirely personal and it will be just raw and kind of aggressive, you may strongly disagree and that's cool:

It's a special game. Not my favorite, but that is comparing it and measuring by the standards of other great and memorable games. If I compare it to any game that isn't in that small group of really great awesome creative games, it kicks ass. It kicks almost any commercial game's ass. And almost any free game ass too. It's special, and memorable. FPSs (are those just all the same thing over and over?), shallow adventure games, repetitive plataformers. It achieves a whole lot more than most games out there right now, and using a lot less. So yeah, definite 10.


This game is amazing but the story some-what confused me, but other than that it was awesome.


his other games (not baby dreams) are WAAAAAY beter


cool gq;e but the guys TAKE MY PICTURE!!!


A deep exploration into longing, the sadness of things found long dead, how time marches all things into dust and crushing loneliness.

September is not in his world. He stands out, and he feels uncomfortable and afraid. The writing was very good, especially with the letters to January.

Gameplay is what I would expect. This is a desolate, empty roaming game full of strange architecture. As you begin, you know near nothing of this place and how it came to be, but eventually the game fills it out into a place of rich history and profundity.

Graphics aren't an issue with this title, so I'll focus on art direction. It is superb, full of strange, other-worldly architecture and strange creatures. The atmosphere created is fantastic. The droning winds, vivid explanations in the letters, and the minimalist art style all come together in the creative mind as a powerful and profound experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Looming. It is beautiful.