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Reviews for "Looming"

Wonderfully frustrating. I loved unraveling the mysteries, and the style of the minimalistic graphics are great and only adds to the mystery. I personally didnt finish it, but according to others the ends are amazing. I want MORE.

I do not really concerned with.

A captivating, engaging and intriguing game...
The story, the graphics, the colors, the monochromic colors, the sweet silence... Everything is so beautiful...

And the metaphor... It is so complex i don't even know if i understood it at all.

Quite strange...

I'm not sure if i'm really into this...it's very eerie and kind of creepy. Since you always here the creepy wind flowing in the background.


I find myself in the shoes of an explorer once more, studying an ancient and mysterious game. At least, that is how it appears on the surface. For things are not what they seem, and playing this game may cost me more than I bargained for.