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Reviews for "Looming"

great game

this game is so good it deserves a 20. to bad it's only 10 stars instead of 20

Great Game

The graphics fit the concept perfectly. It must have taken a huge and great imagination to come up with this. Don't listen to the other reviews please, this game is great, and the others just don't know how to put themselves into the mood to enjoy a game of this category.

There is a gap of like and dislikes but no neutral

so I'll be the first.
This game is suppose to draw the player in with the otherworldly atmosphere, unfriendly and barren wasteland that is Looming, and the information that is given through the found artifacts. One has to play the game for a while and find out on their own what to do. People that need instructions will find this game difficult and confusing. It reminds me very much of this game: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /422918

Pro: The game does a good job at providing the feeling of solitude and loneliness in Looming, and most of the artifacts are surrounded by something to catch your attention. All endings except for one can be found by solving a puzzle or collecting the artifacts. The sound effects and the chanting of the word "Looming" is kind of creepy and I love it. The stories of the Seesha and the Lorem are interesting and I like the fact that they don't tell about themselves, but only of each other, so we can get an outside view of them. I also like the part with the Oarbor and the Epiphany showing it when it was going to die and how.

Con: The graphics are kind of cheap and could have taken more time. I know it is suppose to be a 1 bit game but come on at least make some scenery other than the path and ruins, like small hill or vegetation. This game needs a map, not to show at the beginning were everything is, but lets you know where you are and maybe show stuff you have already seen. Some of the artifacts are difficult to see, because their in the shadow of a ruin. It would also be nice to have a completed set item after collecting all i.e. have the Oarbor skeleton or the full tally.

If your stuck with some endings maybe this can help you, but only use it if your really stuck, not just because your lazy.

1. Go right back through the first exit.
2. Go through the first exit after exploring a bit.
3. Go through the second exit at the end of the road, at the north of the fence.
4. Collect all Rings and go through the dome exit.
5. Collect all Tally balls and go through triangle building exit.
6. Collect all Oarbor bones and bring them to it.
7. Find all hidden signpost, and start with the one that is on the road.
8. Use the Tablet pieces and redirect the light towers.
9. Find the signposts in each corner of the map and redirect the light towers.

Hope this helps, good luck.

P.S. Kirby is Awesome.


I get that this is suposed to be a deep game, that you get to understand the world as you explore it and stuff.....

But It's just a glorified sandbox where you have to colect stuff that you have NO IDEA where to find, and I have no patience whatsoever to do so.


This was a truly great game... haha except i cant figure out how to find the second and the seventh portal XD help?