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Reviews for "Looming"

Great idea! Congratulations this game is one of a kind. Loved the way you created both tribes, it was pretty unusual.

Finally I found you!
I remember playing this game years ago, I had to come back to play again and understand the lore from the two tribes.

WOW that was too good for words, i'm speechless for what you have done

Oh my god my eyes...
It's a little confusing at first, like, you ask yourself "¿what do I have to do?" And finding the artifacts one by one was a little tedious, I didn't understood very well the story but.. okay, I enjoyed the game. The ending of the hidden singpost was very hard to me tough, I think one of the directions was wrong, the one that leads you to the base of an spire... Still the atmosphere made you feel completely lost, alone. It was good, it was good. 5 (Five) stars to you!

A triumph.

I know you say that you created the audio by rustling stuff on your desk, but the sounds make this game!