Reviews for "Lady Noir"

Solid animation, good tone, but a bit disjointed.

While it may be nice that this collab isn't either a music video or a Robot Chicken wanna-be; I still have a few gripes with this. Of course, you guys will hate me for saying this, but just be glad I'm not giving a low score. (I'm not like that overrated, directorially inept prick Notorious.) With that out of the way...

Graphically, it's better than the Star Syndicate's Night in Hotlanta, but the styles used didn't complement each other, which resulted in this losing three points. However, the individual shorts were coherent and had a decent choice of angles. On the other hand, the pacing was uneven for the first one, but I'll let it slide for it actually worked. Soundwise, the music you chose was fitting, even though I usually don't like Hania Lee's music. (Keep in mind that I happened to like Popstar.) As for the voicework, not bad, but I think there are better VAs that you could have used such as Sam Haft, Larry McKee (Mega Man & Pompous Robots), Psyguy, Ry-Guy, or Nick Tiner. (Note to Sapphire: I think that your review would have been more valid if you responded to some of the critics.) However, the voice deliveries were passable, so I'm not going to complain about that. Then there's the story, which fell apart after Denzel Crocker's part. I'd like to see something more creative than the overused "big bad businessman" trope. Then again, I like how the first part was handled.

What I do like:
-Good art and animation
-Good music selection
-Something different
-Good directing on the first two parts

What I don't like:
-Lack of uniformity/style clash
-The voice acting, while not bad, could have been better.
-The second two parts were rather weak in the story department. Of course, as much as I liked Denzel's part, it didn't have much of a plot.

Overall: A prime example of how the sum of all parts doesn't hold up well as a whole. Here's a seven out of ten for trying.


Oh, sweet. It's finally out!

A nice job, indeed! I think my favorite was the second scene and the very last one. Also, the music was indeed the best part about this collaboration. I totally enjoyed it. Everyone did great work!

Loved it

Great work by all involved


indeed the best proper collab in a while please do a sequel!
would be awesome
all the animation was really good I especially liked the greed character and some of the fight scenes were all choreographed beautifully
some of the artwork could have been improved specifically the first sequence
what really made this was the lovely flowing soundtrack
keep it up guys !


but not much more than that. the pieces on their own were nice. But other than that sometimes it did miss the click on who lady noir actually is. i liked the gore of the 2nd, the style of the first and third (which did fill each other up nicely for the image of lady noir). the last was nicely done animationwise, but storywise was a bit lame. also typos like "decesions" just really unnecessarily kill a sense of professionality which is a shame considering the piece wasn't just something put together just like that. I'm not trying to sound like a total dick about it, it is meant to be constructive criticism. I enjoyed watching this collab either way ^^.

LewToons responds:

wull shit...i didnt even see i mis-spelled that! gets to the point where u see it so much u kinda space out after a while ..ya know?