Reviews for "Lady Noir"

Is She Dead?


All of those kicked ass, keep up the good work,.

Overall, Good stuff

Nice job everybody! Each one had a few flaws here and there, but the one thing I think they all did well was the storytelling. Keep up the good work! (And it never hurts to spell check stuff)

woulda raped that ho!

nice collab, good animation. the stories were really wierd though... i didnt understand wtf number 2 was going on at all it was like abad acid trip. and the animation for number 3 was kinda bad. although the animation was a bit shoddy for number 1, i liked the style in general, i think it was well made and it was my favorite

nice storytelling

This is a very nice collab. I like the general idea and I very much liked the sinister stories. Visually the movies were a bit on-off though. I love scene 2 and 4. Scene 3 was okay. Scene 1, I'm sad to say, looked a bit less awesome. Keep working on your drawing skills and you'll get there. There's no harm in 'stealing' visual styles from other designers and work with those.


The second one was brilliant....